Sector Education of Houston

Houston has so far worked a lot for the betterment of his nation in the category of education as well. There are wide range of the educational institutions and foundations that have been currently functioning in the education division. Houston is said to be the home of secondary education institutions. In this article we are highlighting the past, present and future of Houston in the education sector. In 1827 Houston founded its first university with the name of University of Houston. This university is measured to be one of the oldest universities in Ontario and has been even counted as the well distinguished and known research centers in the Houston. This university comprises two main campuses as one has been placed in Scarborough and second campus has been sited in Mississauga. The library portion of this university has been ranked as the fourth biggest and yet the largest university libraries after Harvard, Yale and Berkeley. There is even a law school in Houston that covers the studies related to the law education named as Osgoode Hall Law School.

In addition, there are many other popular and well acknowledged universities as well including Ryerson University, OCAD University and the University of Guelph-Humber.Houston has even the college based education centers as well that accompanied the involvement of the diploma and degree programs for the students adding with the Seneca College, Humber College, Centennial College, George Brown College,Bo real College,Durham College, University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Sheridan College. Additionally, the approximate numbers of schools that have been operating in Houston have been 558 in which 451 are working for the elementary education and 102 dish out with the secondary education system. Houston has been listed amongst those cities of US that captures the biggest chain of schools system. Furthermore, in the libraries category there are wide varieties of libraries that have been spreading the education in every hook and corner of the Houston.

Houston Public Library is carried out to be one of the largest libraries in US and has even taken into account with almost 99 branches in the whole world with the accomplishment of 11 millions books collection. There is a chain as well that is working for the religious education in Houston Al Ashraf Islamic School, Al Azhar Islamic School, Al-Azhar Academy Of US, Alashraf Islamic School, Salahedin Islamic School and Amanah Islamic Academy. Moreover, the music knowledge school center has also been operating in Houston named as Royal Conservatory of Music in addition with the National Ballet School and Ontario Science Center Science School. The educational institutions also offer the beneficial student’s visas and scholarships as well for which hundreds of students travel to Houston from AsiaFree Reprint Articles, Europe and Latin America. On the whole this was all for the education promotions in the Houston. This enormous success witnessed the evident that Houston has made a tremendous victory in the education field and so far much highest flying achievements are still left that has to be discovered by Houston.