Society and Education

Society has got its own place as a group of education. Mostly speaking, family should be regarded as a part of society. But separate mention has been made of relations as it has got vast educational importance.

Concerning the educational spheres of family and society, the following reference by distance learning teacher training is significant:

     “Education is important a social and not a mere individual activity. Now there are three necessary societies, distinct from one another and yet musically combined by God, into which man is born: namely, the family and common society, belong to the natural order; the church to the supernatural order.

   In the first place comes the family, instituted directly by God by for unusual purpose of begetting children; for this reason it has the priority of rights over social society. However, the family is an imperfect society, since it has not in itself all the means for its own entire development whereas social society is a perfect society, having in itself all the means for its irregular end which is activistwelfare of the community; and so in the respect, that is, in view of the common good, it has primacy over the family; which finds its own properactivistrightness in social society..”

     The humanity of the child widens with the speed of his growth, with the speed of expansion he becomes common with the outside world also. He visits his neighbors. He wanders in the streets of the village or mohalla and makes friends.

Characteristic of Society

     The following are the common characteristics of society:

Abstractness of society- The term ‘society’ refers to a structure of social bond which is unseen and conceptual. We can only realism it. Thus, society is conceptual. According to Reuter, “Just a life is not a thing but a method of living, so evolution is not a thing core a process of associating.” Thus, through society is a real thing but in spirit, essentially an concept.

Inter-dependence in society- In society there is inter-dependence among the persons. Every member of society depends on other members. According to distance learning early childhood care education, “The history of man is in one feature the history of the expansion of an association which diversifies the work of each making each more dependent on others in order that by the surrender of self-sufficiently he may get back at thousand fold in fullness of life.”

Society involvepicture and difference- In society all members are not alike. They differ on diverseground. Therefore, society involves equally likeness and difference is sound opposites, but also with several sociological and emotional distinctions. Indeed, the understanding of the one depends, upon knowledge of its relation to the other.

Society involves both co-operation and argument- Society is neither fully represented by co-operation nor conflict. It may be visualized as the actions of human-beings and the subsequenttroubles of connection and adjustments that take place. Thus co-operation is the simplest process of social life, without which the society is not possible. On the other handFree Reprint Articles, clash is the reverse of co-operation. It mostly occurs when the interests are limited and harsh.